A Cup of Tea

Written in the 9th month, on the 26th day of the month, in the year of the Chief Dragon Slayer, 2012, to new Slayers undergoing rigorous training: Greetings!

Here is what happened. Last week, an old friend, who has always claimed to be a registered member of the Secret Order (although I foolishly never asked to see his certificate, because I figured that, because he was my “friend,” I had no need to ask) . . . well, last week he listened to me telling another friend that I was writing to all of you about Bilgewater.

So then, pretending to want to help me, this so-called “friend” . . . hmmm . . . I don’t want to name him, yet I don’t want to keep calling him “the so-called ‘friend,’” so let’s just call him Bilgebuddy.

Bilgebuddy approached me, saying, “Wyvern, my dear colleague, would you join me for a cup of tea?” I said, “Yes, that would be lovely. I could use a cup of tea.” And so we went for tea. As I sipped the soothing brew, Bilgebuddy said, “I hear you are teaching your students about Bilgewater, and I think I can be of help. Do allow me to study your research files on Bilgewater. As I read them, I will make notes and will search out the fine points concerning Bilgewater’s deceptive ways, all the points you must teach your students. In that way, Sir Wyvern, I will free you to fight more dragons. You will let me help you, won’t you? I do so want to make a contribution to training the next generation.”

Fool that I was, I believed the sly Bilgebuddy, and I turned my entire set of Bilgewater files over to his care. What a relief, I thought. With my time in such demand, Bilgebuddy’s work will help immensely.

Well, you won’t believe what happened!

(To be continued)

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