Dragons Exist!

Written in the 8th month, on the 1st day of the month, in the year of the Chief Dragon Slayer, 2012, to new Slayers undergoing rigorous training: Greetings!

I find it odd, and you must too, that so, so, so few humans alive today know anything about dragons! Why, many people believe that dragons do not exist at all! Did you get that? MANY BELIEVE DRAGONS DO NOT EXIST! Ridiculous!

 It mystifies me. The new Slayers in my charge also scratch their heads over it. A good sign! It shows that you are all thinking like bona fide Dragon Slayers and are successfully resisting attacks by Snuffwick and the others. Good work!

This problem (of people thinking that dragons do not exist) is a serious one. It is this very problem that makes your job all the more difficult and your calling as a Slayer all the more important. And it is this very problem that has increased your work ten-fold! For not only must you now be alert to the noxious fumes of dragon-breath and ready to take up armor at a moment’s notice to slay the puke-inducing beasts, you MUST ALSO be ever at the ready to convince your fellow travelers in this Land of Dragons that (careful, I’m really going to yell) THEY LIVE IN THE LAND OF DRAGONS!


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