The Greatest Lie (continued) (alas, one more time)

Written in the 11th month, on the 14th day of the month, in the year of the Chief Dragon Slayer, 2012, to new Slayers undergoing rigorous training: Greetings!

As I was saying, centuries ago people said, “The Mighty One alone knows why stones fall straight to the ground when dropped from third-story windows.” The key to that statement is in the words “Mighty One.” You see, it had never occurred to people to think that the Mighty One was not, well, the Mighty One; nor had it ever occurred to anyone to think that the Mighty One could cease to exist (he cannot, of course).

But Bilgewater had this evil idea. About two hundred years ago, the dragon began whispering to many very intelligent people, people who were discovering how the world worked, and it said to them, “Well, well, look what you have found out! Look how very clever you are! Look at what you have discovered by using your own very, very powerful minds!”

Some (not all) of the very intelligent people answered, “Yes, I see what you mean! My mind is very clever indeed!” And so what do you think that led to? Come up with some ideas, and I’ll tell you next week.

Your loyal trainer,

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